Welcome to the Native Fish Investigations Program

Did you know that there are over 88 species of non-anadromous native freshwater fish in the great state of Oregon? The Native Fish Investigations Program conducts research and monitoring projects on these species, and the things that affect them, across the state. Why do we care about native fish? Native fish provide direct benefits to humans such as food, recreational opportunities, and aesthetic value. They are also a key part of a healthy ecosystem - declining populations can be an indicator of an environment in distress. Over the past several decades some native species have declined due to factors such as the introduction of non-native species, habitat degradation, and overexploitation. The Native Fish Investigations Program seeks to document and understand changes in native fish populations and to help managers find the best way to keep these species healthy and thriving in Oregon waters.

You can find more information on current and recent projects, staff, and Native Species on this website. Welcome!