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Oregon chub at the pub

All you wanted to know about Oregon chub..and more. NFI's Brian Bangs will be at the Science Pub event in Cottage Grove Sept 23 and at the Milk Creek Celebration Sept 28. Organized by local watershed councils, both event have lots going on for the public and both are free...so get out and find out how Oregon was the first place in the country to have success recovering a fish species before it went extinct.

Download the fliers for more info:

Science Pub

Local videographers Release Stunning Footage of Bull Trout in the Wild

 Local videographers Jeremy Monroe and Dave Herasimtschuk (of Freshwaters Illustrated) recently released a video describing the journey to reintroduce bull trout back into the Clackamas Basin. The video features stunning footage of bull trout in their natural habitat along with interviews from people involved with the project-a must see for anyone that loves fish.


Building a better PIT antenna

Fishery biologists have increasingly turned to using PIT tags to monitor fish movement. Their small size and low cost makes them ideal for a range of applications. On the surface, it seems relatively simple to setup a PIT tag antenna and most users are able to achieve decent success without having to fully understand the mechanics. This, combined with the mythology biologists have built up to explain some of the more common problems associated with optimizing antenna's has meant that very few groups are able to truly optimize system performance-meaning missed detections.



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