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I am a project leader with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Native Fish Investigations Program. I have worked with ODFW since 1989 with a focus on describing the status, distribution, seasonal movements, and life history characteristics of Oregon’s native non-game fishes.  My work includes studies of the Oregon chub, sand rollers, Millicoma dace, Umpqua dace, and desert fishes including the Borax Lake chub, Foskett Spring speckled dace, Warner sucker, Hutton Spring tui chub, Alvord chub and several Goose Lake fishes.  I have authored or coauthored over 120 technical reports including 25 journal articles.  I have received several awards for my work including the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Recovery Champion Award (twice), the American Fisheries Society’s President’s Fishery Conservation Award, the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society’s Team Award of Merit, the Oregon Chapter of AFS Fish Conservationist of the Year Award, and ODFW’s Award of Excellence and Directors Team Pride Award.  Prior to working with ODFW, I conducted research for 6 years on salmonid genetics at Washington State University.

Current Research

Recovery of Oregon chub in the Willamette Valley- interactions between chub and nonnative bluegill

Recovery of Warner Suckers in SE Oregon- distribution, abundance, movement

Recovery of Foskett speckled dace in southeastern Oregon- abundance, habitat restoration, re-introduction

Recovery of Borax Chub in the Alvord basin in southeastern Oregon- abundance, habitat evaluation/monitoring, threats analysis

Status of Alvord chub in the Alvord basin in southeastern Oregon- abundance, distribution, genetics, habitat restoration

Status of PIT sculpin in Goose Lake basin in southeastern Oregon- abundance, distribution

Development of a decision support model for prioritizing native, non-game fish research in Oregon

Peer-reviewed publications

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