Oregon chub-an ESA success story


"The chub is the first fish to ever make it off the Endangered Species List — without going extinct.....Something that we like to emphasize here is that we were able to recover a species in the most heavily populated area of Oregon and have very little impact on the day-to-day goings on here"

What are we doing?

Early efforts focused on creating isolated "conservation" populations of chub to prevent extinction. This was followed by an effort to survey more of the natural habitats in the Willamette valley for previously undocumented "populations". Building on these efforts, we are now trying to understand how Oregon chub can persist in a modified landscape by assessing the relationship between flow management, availability of  habitat, and the ability of Oregon chub to coexist with nonnative fishes in connected (non-isolated) habitats. We will attempt to determine the combination of flow, temperature, and habitat modifications that favor native fishes, including chub, over nonnative predatory fishes. 

Additionally, NFI staff assist with the management of Oregon chub in collaboration with our partners.  A number of the introduced populations are on private lands.  Prior to conducting introductions on private lands, a “Safe Harbor” landowner agreement is formalized.  A Safe Harbor Agreement is a voluntary agreement involving private or non-Federal property owners whose actions contribute to the recovery of an ESA listed species.  In exchange for their efforts, participating landowners receive formal assurances from the USFWS that if they fulfill the conditions of the Safe Harbor Agreement, the USFWS will not require any additional or different management activities of the landowners without their consent.  The agreement allows ODFW to enroll landowners by issuing “Certificates of Inclusion” under their permit, thus speeding up a previously lengthy process.



 Who should I contact?

  Web linkshttp://www.fws.gov/oregonfwo/species/data/oregonchub/

Brian Bangs BS: Oregon Chub Project Lead

Ph: (541) 757-5080

Cell: (541) 908-1538

Email: Brian.Bangs@oregonstate.edu

Paul Scheerer MSc: Non Game Fish Lead

Cell: (541) 231-5772

Email: Paul.Scheerer@oregonstate.edu

Mike Meeuwig PhD

Ecology and applied fisheries science

Phone: 541-223-1576

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