Mike Meeuwig

I am the Program Manager for the Native Fish Investigation Program (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Conservation and Recovery). I work with a diverse group of fisheries professionals to conduct applied research and monitoring efforts aimed at conservation and recovery of Oregon's native fishes. My research focus lies within the broad context of native fish conservation with a specific emphasis on application of ecological theory and emerging technologies to address topics of conservation and management concern.

I have a diverse background in ecology and fisheries science that emphasizes native fish conservation. My current research activities include identifying behavioral and population level responses of inland fishes to drought, developing genetic assessment protocols for characterizing the status of inland salmonids, quantifying the distribution, abundance, and life history variation of redband trout in the northern Great Basin, population and landscape genetics of redband trout, and developing decision support tools for prioritizing native trout research needs in Oregon. My past research has covered a variety of topics including population genetics, landscape ecology, food web ecology, competitive interactions between native and nonnative species, thermal ecology, and population assessment and monitoring techniques.


Curriculum Vitae


Current Research

Food web interactions

Population and landscape genetics

Ecology of fishes in arid landscapes


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Brown, P.J., C.S. Guy, and M.H. Meeuwig. 2017. A comparison of two mobile electrode arrays for increasing mortality of Lake Trout embryos. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 37:363-369. DOI: 10.1080/02755947.2016.1269031

Meeuwig, M.H., and M.M. Peacock. 2017. Food web interactions associated with a Lahontan Cutthroat Trout reintroduction effort in an alpine lake. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 8:449-464. DOI: 10.3996/092016-JFWM-073

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Selected Technical Reports and Documents

Starcevich, S.J., E.J. Bailey, and M.H. Meeuwig. 2017. Bull Trout conservation and recovery in the Odell Lake Core Area: adult status in Trapper Creek and thermal and physical habitat suitability in 2016. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Progress Reports.

Meeuwig, M.H., and S.P. Clements. 2015. Temporal variability in the distribution and abundance of a desert trout: implications for monitoring design and population persistence in dynamic stream environments. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Progress Reports.

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DeHaan, P., J. Von Bargen, M. Meeuwig, and S. Clements. 2015. Great Basin redband trout genetic status assessment. Final Report of US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Meeuwig, M., and S. Clements. 2014. Use of depletion electrofishing and a generalized random-tessellation stratified design to estimate density and abundance of redband trout in the northern Great Basin. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Information Reports 2014-01.

Meeuwig, M., S. Clements, and S. Starcevich. 2012. Native trout decision support model: summary report. Report of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Native Fish Investigations Program.