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I am a project lead with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Native Fish Investigations Program.  My interests are ESA recovery, native non-game fish biology, and interactions between hydrology and ecology in off-channel floodplain habitats.  I have worked with ODFW since 2004, and have focused on Oregon chub research and recovery.  In addition, I have worked on coastal Chinook salmon monitoring, stream habitat inventories, Pacific and brook lamprey spawning surveys, sand roller distribution surveys, great basin redband trout surveys, amphibian distribution, and Borax chub monitoring.  I was awarded the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society’s Team Award of Merit in 2010 for the recovery of Oregon chub.


Current Research

Oregon chub research and recovery:

  • Annual population abundance surveys
  • Identifying potential suitable habitat, conducting and monitoring reintroductions
  • Searching for previously undocumented populations

Floodplain investigations

  • Assessing the effect of US Army Corps of Engineer Willamette Project operations on Oregon chub
  • Investigating conditions that may allow Oregon chub to co-exist with nonnative fishes in connected (non-isolated) habitats
  • Movement studies
  • Determining the effect of Fall Creek Reservoir drawdowns on off-channel floodplain habitat and fish assemblages
Peer-reviewed publications

Bangs BL, Falcy MR, Scheerer PD, and Clements S: Comparison of three methods for marking a small floodplain minnow. Animal Biotelemetry 2013 1:18.