Borax Lake Chub Recovery

What is the Problem?

Borax Lake chub are threatened by habitat alteration.  Borax Lake chub are only found in the Borax Lake in the Alvord basin in southeastern Oregon.  Off-road vehicles are altering the fragile lake shore crust, which could result in near desiccation of this perched lake.  Habitat (geothermal inflows and temperatures) are threatened by proposed geothermal development.


What are we doing?

We are evaluating the current status and habitat conditions of Borax Lake chub in Borax Lake.  We are monitoring lake elevations, lake temperatures and shore line conditions.  We are encouraging our partners, the BLM and TNC, to maintain fences and gates and to post educational signage.


This information will be used to determine whether progress is being made towards meeting the recovery goal of ensuring long-term persistence of this endemic species.