Alvord Chub

What is the Problem?

Alvord chub are endemic to the Alvord desert of SE Oregon and NW Nevada.  The species is threatened by habitat alteration due to drought, impacts from grazing and water withdrawals, and nonnative fishes.  Prior to 2013, no comprehensive surveys were conducted in the previous 30 years.


What are we doing?

We are evaluating the current status and habitat conditions of Alvord chub in the Alvord basin.  We are monitoring the current distribution, abundance, and threats.



This information will be used to determine whether management action needs to be taken to protect this rare species.



Our observations suggest that this species is currently widely distributed. Although we documented several local threats (habitat, non-native fish), there does not appear to be an imminent risk to the continued persistence of the species. For more detailed results, please download the final report  (below)

Who to contact?

Paul Scheerer
Shaun Clements